“Extra flavor in separate bottle” is a separate vial with a flavor extract of the same flavor, ordered at the same time for adding to the prepared bottle of liquid, to “enhance” the flavor yourself to suit your taste.

We recommend adding small quantities gradually and tasting the liquid, rather than adding it all at once.

Liquids that contain nicotine darken because the nicotine breaks down and becomes oxygenated when coming into contact with air.

Information on our delivery policies and types of delivery can be found here.

Regretfully, fluids cannot be returned after they have been shipped out to avoid contamination, similar to medications.

We recommend keeping the liquids in a shady and cool place (not in a refrigerator), optimally in room temperature and not in direct sunlight. In these conditions, the liquid should last for approximately 23 months.

Our website maintains the highest safety standards. In addition, your credit details do not remain in our system.

Steeping is a type of aging. After remaining in the liquids for a while, the molecules in the extracts become more strongly blended with the rest of the ingredients and this affects the flavor and its complexity.

This does not necessarily improve the flavor, sometimes you will prefer the liquid fresh.

In order to perform the steeping, place the bottle in a dark location from several days to two weeks and shake the bottle well about twice a day.

Yes, we do. We have been shipping to a wide range of countries all over the world for years!

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We use only 4 ingredients – vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as a foundation, which are Kosher and medically clean, flavor extracts from the best companies in the world and on the highest standards, and of course good quality nicotine in your choice of dosage and up to top standards.

Everything is prepared in a controlled and sterile laboratory, maintaining excellent levels of hygiene.

Glycerin (VG) thickens the fluid and is consequently responsible for the quantity of vapor generated, propylene glycol (PG) conveys the flavor in the liquid and it is fairly thin.

We prepare the liquids in three ratios: 50VG, HighVG, Max VG:

We recommend a 50VG mixture for all users, and a HighVG mixture for “cloud chasers”.

A Max VG mixture is recommended only for those sensitive to propylene glycol.

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