Cuppa cabanna

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Self picked tobbaco with a touch of vanilla, makes it a must adv for any tobbaco lover!

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1 review for Cuppa cabanna


    If you’re a lover of RY4 vapez, you will love this one.

    We all know Yizzy is known for just how well his tobacco flavors are. He has a special touch. His are the ONLY tobacco vapez I truly enjoy. They are never bitter like so many I’ve tried. SOOOO many lol.

    Cuppa Cabana is a special one. It’s almost like a desert tobacco if there is such a thing. It’s got a lovely sweetness to it combined with a delicious hint of tobacco. Neither one is overpower. And neither one overpowers the other. It’s (to me) a perfect balance.

    Now if you’ve been vaping awhile you know vanilla and tobacco flavors are best after steeped. I always try them right when delivered regardless. And Cuppa was good straight out of the mailbox.

    I left it alone and let it steep. I actually forgot about it for like a month. But man-O-man…. When I vaped it again… I was flabbergasted.

    I immediately came here and ordered a LITER OF IT! lol.

    If you want a flavor boost in your bottle…. Order the booster with it. I figure boosting flavors can never be a bad thing imo. But the un-boosted is just fine too!

    Order it. And then come back here and tell me/us about it lol.

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