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Coffee milkshake
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Luciously layered flavors of Coffee and rich sweet cream come together in perfect balance in this juice. You'll love this harmonious vape that the Lizard King has created with you in mind!
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2015-01-19 09:06
If you are a fan of our Israel Coffee then you need to get this juice! Its more coffee than milkshake in this one, but its like a creamy version of the Israel Coffee juice that is already so loved. I had to sneak a taste before it has even fully steeped. If its this good at 6 days old.... I cant wait to taste it once its fully steeped. I got the booster but you wont need it. Its lovely just the way it is honestly. But if you are an in your face flavor junky, get the booster. My prediction tho is even the flavor junkies wont feel they need it. lol
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2015-03-02 12:41
amazing!!!!! creamy and coffee. i did use a little of booster with it. just upgrading it evev more!
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2016-02-15 12:40
This with a cup of coffe just gives you a coffee bonanza!!! Will get more of this one!